Tuesday,August 16, 2022
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Addressing Monday press conference:

FM Spox: Iran not to hold any direct talks with US

2022-06-27 12:15:35
Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saaed Khatibzadeh said that no direct negotiations will be held between Iran and the United States.

Khatibzadeh made the remarks addressing his regular press conference on Monday.

Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed. What Iran has done so far is all reversible, he said.

Nothing will be added to the agreements made in Vienna and nothing will be reduced, he added.

These talks are only about the remaining issues in the last Vienna meeting. The ball is in Washington's court, he stated.

What we will do in the negotiations in the next few days is not about the nuclear dimension, but only about the parts of the differences on the few remaining issues in the area of ​​lifting sanctions.

He noted that the United States has made commitments to implement the JCPOA and the United Nations Security Council resolution 2231.

We hope to see Borrell messages in practice, he reiterated.

The timing and location of the negotiations are almost certain. Final decisions will be made in the next few hours. One of the countries in the Persian Gulf will be the host and this meeting will take place this week.

Regarding the Iraqi Prime Minister visit to Iran, Al-Kadhimi's trip was pre-planned in the context of bilateral relations and regional developments, including the constructive role that Baghdad has played in Iran-Saudi relations in recent months.

During this trip, good agreements were made on serious economic projects, public relations and various issues.

The relations between the two countries are multi-layered and strategic, following a visit to Iran by the Iraqi Foreign Minister some time ago.

Reacting to Mike Pompeo's presence among the MKO members and the US commitments, he said it shows the extent to which American officials lie and are hypocrites.

Americans do not respect the sovereignty of countries, they do not care about the terrorist nature of the MKO, and only the party and personal interests are important to them.

Regarding the situation of the seized tanker carrying Iranian oil in Greece and also the two Greek tankers seized in Iran, Khatibzadeh urged the Greek government to put this issue into action as soon as possible and for the ship to continue its journey with the released oil.

As for the Greek ships, the Greek ambassador is in contact with us and the legal route is underway and they have consular access and we hope that a good agreement will be made in the future.

Regarding the centrality of the Zionist regime in the region, he said: “Basically, the fact that in the Middle East the centrality of the occupying regime was considered for such actions, it really means that those who make these claims and make these plans do not know this region.