Tuesday,August 16, 2022
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Veep: Iran keen on developing ties with Iraqi gov’t

2022-06-27 08:37:05
Iranian First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber stressed implementing Tehran-Baghdad agreements as soon as possible, saying that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been after expanding relations with the Iraqi government.

Mokhber made the remarks in a meeting with the Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi.

Stating that the relations between the Islamic Republic and Iraq are not limited to the neighborhood and are very deep, he said that independence, prosperity, stability and security in Iraq are important for Iran.

Iran and Iraq should be aware of inciting and ill-wishers’ divisive acts, but certainly the very high historical and religious solidarity between the people of the two countries has been a major obstacle to the conspiracies of the ill-wishers of the two nations.

Stressing that cooperation between the two governments in academic, transportation, extraction of joint oil fields, energy, technical engineering services and medical and health services have been paved in the 13th government, he said that developing transportation routes, including rail, Land and sea are very important.

Mokhber lauded the efforts made by the Prime Minister and the Government of Iraq to waiver visas, saying that it will lead to the expansion of relations and increasing travel between Iranian and Iraqi people.

Referring to the importance of solving the problem of dust and the need to study different solutions to this issue in the two countries, he said: Solving the issue from an economic and environmental point of view is one of the important concerns that can be solved in a large and joint national plan for planting trees in critical areas.

Meanwhile, Al-Kadhimi said referred to historical, religious and cultural commonalities between Iran and Iraq.

He hailed grounds for cooperation between the two countries, saying that the Iraqi government is determined to implement the agreements as soon as possible.

He pointed to the efforts made by the Iraqi government to facilitate the visas issuance for Iranian and Iraqi pilgrims saying: "With the efforts of the officials of the two countries, the existing obstacles and problems on pilgrimage trips to the holy shrines, especially during Arbaeen, will be removed."