Monday,June 27, 2022
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President at the cabinet meeting:

Improving productivity a key priority, everyone's duty

2022-05-22 22:49:27
The President said that the realization of 8% growth of the country's economy depends on increasing investment and improving productivity, and stressed, "All departments should consider themselves obliged to increase the productivity of their manpower and services to the people".

Speaking at the meeting of the cabinet on Sunday, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi referred to the arrival of Productivity Day, and emphasised, "The realisation of 8% growth of the country's economy depends on increasing investment and improving productivity".

The President described productivity promotion as one of the most important missions of the Administrative and Recruitment Affairs Organisation, and at the same time reminded all departments to determine measurable indicators to measure the level of productivity improvement and monitor the process of its realisation every year.

Dr Raisi stated that the low productivity in the country, despite the young and educated manpower and the appropriate administrative structure and budget, requires pathology, adding, "All departments should consider themselves responsible for increasing the productivity of their organisation and their services to the people".

The President further described the necessity of forming a smart government as one of the requirements to increase productivity in the country and said, "We must move towards the creation of a smart government by accelerating and completing the relevant infrastructure".

Ayatollah Raisi pointed out, "The formation of a smart government has a significant role in making big and accurate decisions for the country and facilitating the affairs of the people and the activities of the executive apparatus and their coordination with each other, which is a public demand".

Referring to Cultural Heritage Week, the President stressed the need to preserve and protect the history, civilisation and culture of Iran and pass it on to future generations, saying, "If a nation's heritage is placed in a museum and locked, it will not last".

Dr Raisi added, "The living heritage of a nation is to be always visible to everyone and to be a lesson and a factor in the movement and life of that nation and other nations".