Monday,June 27, 2022
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Veep lauds developments in Iran-Kazakhstan ties

2022-05-22 22:26:54
Iranian First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber referred good openings in Iran-Kazakhstan relations during the 13th government, saying: "Increasing economic relations between the two countries shows a serious and good will to expand cooperation between the two countries."

Mokhber made the remarks in a meeting with visiting Kazakhstan Deputy Prime Minister Bakhyt Sultanov.

He called for removing the existing obstacles and problems on reinforcing cooperation between the two countries.

The activities and mutual cooperation of the private sector and businessmen of Iran and Kazakhstan can play a key role in increasing the volume of trade and economic relations, he said.

He stressed developing banking and financial relations, transportation, extraterritorial cultivation and ports of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The two countries have the potential to become a regional hub in terms of food security and transportation, and the expansion of customs cooperation and increasing the volume of exports and imports between the two countries can be a good starting point to achieve this goal and long-term relations.

Mokhber urged launching trade fairs and the presenting Iranian and Kazakh achievements and products as soon as possible aiming to expand cooperation between the private sector and businessmen.

Meanwhile, Sultanov said that developing political and economic relations as well as the significant increase in trade volume in the first quarter of the current year between the Iranian and Kazakh governments show that the goals and strategies of the two countries are compatible.

He offered readiness to take operational steps to establish a joint chamber of commerce between Iran and Kazakhstan by holding exhibitions as well as trade and economic gatherings.

With the support of the Iranian government, good negotiations have taken place on developing rail, road and air cooperation, and achieving these goals could turn Iran and Kazakhstan into two important regional players.