Sunday,May 22, 2022
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Addressing Monday press conference:

FM Spox: There is no dead-end in Vienna

2022-02-14 11:41:41
Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said that there is no dead-end in Vienna and the negotiations are held as usual.

Khatibzadeh made the remarks addressing his regular press conference on Monday.

Conversations are definitely hard and slow in the days when you have to talk about serious issues, he said elaborating on the Vienna talks developments and the US delay.

Iran has discussed its proposal after the Iranian delegation arrived in Tehran.

Today negotiations in Vienna are on the remaining topics.

Iran had earlier made its political decisions and has remained in the JCPOA, he said.

We are waiting for Western parties’ response to Iran’s initiatives, he noted.

If the European party and the United States respond to Iran's initiatives today within the framework of JCPOA, and if the rights of the Iranian people and the logic that Iran has put on the table are observed, there is no need for the end of February, and we can announce the agreement in Vienna tomorrow, he said.

The stronger the will of the United States and the three European countries, the shorter the distance to reach an agreement, he added.

The agreement is awaiting the political decisions of the other party.

The United States is not trustworthy, and therefore objective guarantees must be obtained that international law and international regimes will not be undermined by the US administration again.

Regarding the confiscation of the Afghan people’s assets by the United States, Khatibzadeh said this is not the first time the US has looted other countries' property.

The US believes that it owns the property of the whole world, and that it can sue, rule, and confiscate the property of others whenever it wishes, he added.

It has invaded a country, caused billions of dollars damage directly, and billions of dollars indirectly and has created costs for the oppressed and defenseless people of Afghanistan and it has destroyed Afghanistan's infrastructure when leaving the country, he stated.

Touching upon the latest developments in Ukraine, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs measures regarding Iranians living in Ukraine, Khtibzadeh said Iran is closely watching developments in Ukraine.

We are concerned about the escalation of tensions between Ukraine and Russia, he added.

As a country that enjoys good relations with Russia and Ukraine, we try to invite the two sides to resolve their disputes peacefully, the Iranian diplomat said.

The Eurasian region cannot witness another tension and war, he reiterated.

Unfortunately, the United States has shown that it has not learned from its mistakes and continues to create tensions by its destructive behavior over the last decades in Afghanistan, the Middle East, and the region.

The Foreign Ministry has taken important steps regarding Iranian nationals, and the Iranian embassy has issued the necessary notices and is in contact with Iranians expatriates.

Neutralizing sanctions means to create a foreign relations resistant to sanctions in the Foreign Ministry.

With regard to the judicial talks between Iran and Iraq over Martyr Soleimani’s assassination case, Khtibzadeh said that a committee has been formed and is following up the case.

Reacting to US Secretary of Defense concerns over Ansarrallah threats, he said: “We are concerned about the innocent people were killed during seven years of war against the Yemeni people.”

We are concerned about children living in poverty, famine and basic needs.

Iran urges all to find a peaceful solution and political dialogue to end the Yemeni crisis.

Commenting Iran-US prisoner swap, Khatibzadeh said: “The issue of prisoners has been one of the serious issues that has always been on the agenda and from a human perspective, it has been a priority for Iran to be resolved.”

It seems that the US has not made its decision in this regard and is waiting for the results of Vienna Talks, he said.

The prisoners swap is a humanitarian issue, and it can be resolved independently and is regarded as a good context to show that US behavior has changed, he added.

Regarding the baseless remarks made by the Minister of Islamic Affairs of Saudi Arabia, Khatibzadeh said remarks are very worthless and very disgusting, indicating indicate that some people in Saudi Arabia are still beating the drum of ignorance and trying to play blame-game.

Everyone knows how Takfiri ideology is rooted in extremism in Saudi thought, he added.

Seven years of killing the Yemeni people cannot be covered by such remarks, he noted.