Thursday,September 23, 2021
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Addressing Tuesday press confernce:

Gov't Spox: Iran ready to swap all political prisoners in return for releasing all Iranian prisoners

2021-07-13 14:23:13
Iran's government spokesman Ali Rabiei said that Iran is ready to swap all political prisoners in return for releasing all Iranian prisoners.

Rabiei made the remarks addressing Tuesday press conference.

Reacting to remarks made by the US Special Envoy for Iran Robert Malley with regard to negotiations on releasing American prisoners in Iran, he said.

Thanks to its humanitarian intentions, Iran is ready to swap all political prisoners in return for the releasing all Iranian prisoners imprisoned at the behest of the United States, he added.

We even announced the readiness during the previous US administration, but it was the US administration that refused to sit at the negotiating table, insisting on taking the Iranians hostage, he noted.

Zarif had proposed swapping all Iranian and American prisoners, and the Biden government has been considering this issue, he reiterated.

Referring to the upcoming anniversary of signing JCPOA on July 14, Rabiei described this day as day of constructive talks and interactions with the world.  A day that symbolizes Iranian nation's determination to prove peace-seeking and cooperation with all nations and to avoid tension and enmity.

The ill-wishers of our nation, who were satisfied with obstructing the lives of our people, the ill-wishers of Iran had tried for years to make us isolated from global financial and political arrangements by presenting a harsh and law-breaking image of Iran, he added.

Even after the insane US withdrawal from the JCPOA, we believed firmly in dialogue and constructive interaction that thwarted ill-wishers' plot and our refusal to withdraw from the deal, he noted.

It was Iran which prevented the destruction of JCPOA by standing against this great law-breaker, and by combining unparalleled resistance on the one hand and pursuing lively and dynamic diplomacy on the other, the United States had no choice but to return to the negotiating table, he added.

Commenting on Taliban presence in eastern borders and Iran's security measures, he said since the beginning of the new process, changes in Afghanistan political arena, various bodies related to the Ministry of Interior have continuously been monitoring the preparation to face the effects of these developments, Rabiei said.

He noted that Taliban has take control of Islam Qala and Abu Nasr Farahi customs. Milak customs is still active and trade interactions between Iran and Afghanistan are underway, he added.

Regarding illegal immigrants trespass, he said Iran's plan is to prevent the entry of illegal nationals. Necessary measures have been taken to reinforce the border, surveillance and security forces on the border with Afghanistan.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Rabiei commented on explosion on Mellat Park, Tehran on Friday, saying investigations show that the explosion was caused by the creation of a pit in a part of the park where a load of a mixture of gasoline and diesel was embedded in the holes. So far, no evidence of security issue has been reported by the intelligence and security services.

Referring to virtual meeting of the MKO, aka MEK, terrorist group, he said the gathering of the MEK terrorist is an opportunity to identify hypocritical American politicians who do not pay the slightest attention to the principles and history of terrorism and human rights violations in other countries.

Of course, we never expected those who in recent years supported sanctions, war and terror against the Iranians, which they called the "policy of maximum pressure", to separate themselves from MEK terrorists.

In response to a question regarding Western countries and Russia concerns over 20% uranium enrichment by Iran and building silicide fuel plate, he said that all these measures are taken based on Iran's peaceful needs on nuclear activities and on the basis of Iran's rights in JCPOA, citing Articles 26 and 36 and notifying the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Some European countries, while considering Iran's actions as violating JCPOA obligations, have never done anything with regard to implementing commitments.

US State Department spokesperson stances in this regard are unacceptable and the US is concerned about Iran's actions while the current situation in the JCPOA is due to its illegal and unilateral actions and approaches taken by the United States.