Thursday,September 23, 2021
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Gov't Spox terms presidential election as 'big no' to sanctioners

2021-06-22 12:00:05
Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei congratulated President-elect Ebrahim Raisi for his victory in the 13th Iran Presidential election, saying that the election was in fact a big no to the sanctioners.

The election was in fact a big no to the sanctioners. Some of the propagandists of sanctioning election were in the same line with designers of economic sanctions against Iranians, Rabiei said addressing Tuesday press conference.

Reacting to claims made by the US Department of State that Iranian could not elect in a fair and free process, he said: We consider these remarks as example of interference in Iran's internal affairs and against the international law.

We call on the US administration to refrain from arrogant interference in the internal affairs of other countries and judging the democratic mechanisms of others and to reform its own internal affairs, he added.

The same allegations have been criticizing the US election, including by Democrats in 2000 and by former US President Donald Trump and his supporters over the recent presidential election, he noted.

Despite democracy shows in the US, There is no nation today that does not know how flawed and fanatical the democratic process in the US is, Rabiei stated.

He hailed Iran's joining to Covid-19 Vaccine Production Club as a memorable action taken by the incumbent government. In addition to importing COVID19 vaccines by the end of summer, Iran will produce at least 30 million doses of COV-Iran Barekat, 3 million doses of Past Co-Vac and also Sputink domestically.

Despite the disloyalty of the foreign suppliers of vaccine and the sanctions that the United States has lifted, we have not forgotten that until a few days ago, the United States denied sanctions on drug and vaccine, he said.

Vienna talks have nothing to do with internal policy and results of election. A general understanding has been reached on almost all important disputes between the parties and the relevant documents have been prepared. We have now reached a clear and unambiguous text in all the working groups. If political decisions are made, we can be hopeful and it is not unlikely that we will enter the final round of talks.