Thursday,September 23, 2021
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Gov't Spox urges people to have massive turnout in election

2021-06-15 14:36:44
Iran's Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei said massive turnout in election can submit anti-Iran groups against Iranians' invincible will.

Our people are struggling with many problems caused by sanctions that they do not deserve and they have demands, which is an urgent and necessary priority, but a government will be able to address issues such as the effects of sanctions, inflation due to sanctions and restrictions that has come to power through massive turnout, Rabiei  said addressing Tuesday press conference.

Maximum turnout means nothing but that people's legal demands based on the Islamic Revolution cause and the rights enshrined in the constitution cannot be and circumvented, he added.

Contrary to the international norms and standards, the Canadian government did not allow the Iranian government to hold direct presidential elections, he noted.

Accordingly, in coordination with the Iranian mission in the United States, one of the nearest US cities is considered as a polling station for Iranian expatriates living in Canada, Rabiei  stated.