Thursday,September 23, 2021
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Gov't Spox: There is no dead-end in Vienna talks

2021-06-01 13:08:14
Government spokesman Ali Rabiei said there is no dead-end in Vienna talks, adding that negotiations have reached a stage where a few key issues should be decided.

There is no major obstacle to the negotiations on the revival of the JCPOA, and as mentioned earlier, there is a basic understanding of the steps that the parties must take to return to the JCPOA text, Rabiei said addressing Tuesday press conference.

Naturally, due to the complexities of the various sanctions imposed by Trump administration and the nuclear technological advances in response to them, many details need to be addressed, but none of these obstacles are insurmountable, he added.

The Vienna talks are not affected by the election and its results, and will continue based on its independent and legal procedure and within the framework of the general policies of the system and under the guidance of the Supreme Leader to achieve the desired result, he noted.

There is no dead-end in the Vienna talks. Negotiations have reached a stage where a few key issues should be decided, he reiterated.

We will not let talks on attrition and we are not in hurry for reaching an agreement, he stressed.

If the negotiations require decisions in Tehran, they will definitely be made in the capital, Rabiei said.

Regarding two Iran's ship trip to Venezuela, he said there are no unusual issue in the friendly and traditional relations between Iran and Venezuela, and Iran considers it as its inalienable right to establish friendly ties with all nations of the world and to follow up bilateral cooperation and international peace based on international regulations in all economic, political, Cultural and military fields.

Iranian navy ships have always had positive and successful activities for peaceful purposes, including the fight against pirates, smugglers and the protection of the environment in the region and the surrounding areas.

Iran's relations with Venezuela are not against any third country and there is no reason to be worried about these relations. Using the word "provocative" to describe these relationships is a wrong choice.

Iran extended hand of friendship to the region at the height of Trump's evil acts ‌. Iran's position in the fight against terrorism and security peace is clear.

In response to a question regarding the latest solution for paying Iraq's arrears to Iran, he said in fact the US administration unilateral sanctions over the last three years have been so severely designed to undermine Iran's economy that even our closest friends around the world have not been allowed to ignore them. The friendly and brotherly Iraq, which is our closest neighbor, is no exception to US pressure. However, this bitter experience shows that we need lifting sanctions to develop cooperation with our neighbors.