Monday,December 06, 2021
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Iran Foreign Ministry statement on Palestinian Resistance victory

2021-05-22 00:39:09
Iranian Foreign Ministry in a statement reiterated support for Palestinians’ fights and commemorated martyrs of Gaza and Palestine.

Iran Foreign Ministry in a statement praised the determination and sacrifice of the Resistance and the Palestinians, especially the brave and patient people of Gaza against the Zionist regime’s brutal attacks, the victory of the Palestinian resistance in defending the cause and sanctities of the Palestinian people and imposing new equation on the occupying Israeli regime.

The blessings of the recent developments were solidarity and revival of relations between different regions of Palestine, the raising the Palestinian issue again in the region and the world and intensive popular support for the Palestinian resistance and further scandal for occupying Zionism and the re-emergence of Holy Quds as a link between all Palestinians and the Islamic world.

The victorious resistance of the Palestinian people clearly showed the failure of the shameful normalization of ties by some Arab countries, and therefore that these countries are expected to respect the resistance of the Palestinian people and the liberation of Holy Quds, to return from the wrong path and to revise their policies.

Referring to the horrific crimes of the Zionist regime in attacking the residential areas and killing the defenseless Palestinians, Iranian Foreign Ministry called for suing the leaders of this regime as war criminals and the recognition of the child-killing Israeli regime acts as genocide and crimes against humanity.

Foreign Ministry emphasizes the need to increase the capabilities of the Palestinian people in self-defense as well as developing the Palestinian deterrence aiming to prevent the recurrence and continuation of Israeli aggression, expresses Iran readiness for sending humanitarian and medical aid to Palestinians and given the depth of the regime's inhumane crimes in Gaza and the conditions resulting from the outbreak of COVID19 in the region, urges all organizations and the related countries to provide necessary facilities to send aid to the Palestinian people.