Monday,May 17, 2021
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Iran, Serbia discuss US unilateral sanctions, fighting COVID19

2021-04-17 23:05:42
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his Serbian counterpart Nikola Selaković in a meeting here in Tehran on Saturday reviewed US illegal an unilateral sanctions and fighting coronavirus pandemic.

Zarif referred to historic relations between two countries and the importance of Balkans in Iran foreign policy and stressed preserving and developing cooperation between two countries in political, economic and cultural fields by taking advantage of innovative mechanisms.

He pointed to economic capacities and developing relations in this field.

Meanwhile, Selaković referred to capacities in economic and industries fields and hailed signing cooperation document between two countries.

Stressing the importance of holding the 16th joint economic commission meeting, US unilateral and cruel sanctions, regional issues namely those related to Balkans and cooperation in international bodies, fighting COVID19 and providing vaccine were among other topics discussed by both sides.