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Iran’s Policies Unaffected by US Elections: Spokesman

2020-06-16 16:36:44
Spokesperson for the Iranian Administration Ali Rabiei has reiterated that the outcome of the US presidential elections would not affect Tehran’s policies at all, stressing that Washington must obey the international law if it is really after talks with Iran.

"The truth is that the results of the US elections will have no impact on our principled policies towards the US," Rabiei said on Monday.

"We do not wait for a change of presidents and administrations in the US to employ our diplomacy.c He said whenever the US has genuine and non-theatrical readiness to launch effective diplomacy with seriousness, respect the previous agreements, and obey the international law, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s diplomats will be present at the negotiating table that the US has left. 

"I believe that our clear stances towards the US have been declared several times, and nothing has changed yet. We call on the US to hear more, and hear the voice of the international community and the entire world which urge it today to abandon such bullying," he added.

"As long as the US does not return to diplomacy and the common values achieved in the world in light of the JCPOA, we’d have no hope for fruitful talks. The remarks made by Dr. Zarif was a prediction that any diplomat and individual in the world may make of an election, but whether or not an (Iranian) approach would change with the change of (US) administrations, our frameworks are the ones we have already outlines," the spokesman noted.