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Coronavirus Arrives in Iran: Two People Test Positive in Qom

2020-02-19 14:50:23
Iran’s Health Ministry says two people in the city of Qom have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, but subsequent tests need to be conducted on the two first cases of Iran.

Kiyanoush Jahanpour, the head of the Health Ministry’s public relations department, announced on Wednesday “in the past two days, some suspected cases of the new coronavirus were found” in the central city of Qom.

He said apart from the two cases who tested positive, there was an unspecified number of other suspected cases as well, all of whom have been quarantined.

“Subsequent tests are in progress and the results of these tests will be released to the public, once they are finalized,” he said. 

“Medical teams have been deployed in Qom and the suspected persons have been quarantined,” he added.

He has not elaborated on the nationality of the two people infected by the virus or the state of their health. He also did not say how many people were suspected of having the virus, which causes the illness recently named COVID-19.