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Iran to Send Plane to Evacuate Citizens from China

2020-02-01 17:16:18
Iran’s Health Minister Saeid Namaki says the country is set to send a plane with full quarantine facilities to bring back 70 Iranian citizens from the Chinese city of Wuhan, the heart of the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

“Today a direct flight, with a medical team on board and with full medical equipment and masks, will fly to China’s Wuhan in order to expatriate 70 Iranians from the Chinese city,” Namaki said on Saturday.
“These people will remain quarantined for two weeks, and if not affected by coronavirus, they will be free to get back to their families,” he added.
He said no coronavirus case has been reported in Iran so far, and urged people not to be worried at all.
Earlier, Iran’s Roads minister had noted that health ministry teams have been deployed in all land borders, ports and airports, including Imam Khomeini Airport, to monitor and take necessary measures against the deadly coronavirus. 
Mohammad Eslami said “all flights are controlled and suspicious cases are investigated.” 
“Fortunately, no suspicious case of coronavirus affection has been reported so far, but more intensive monitoring will be carried out.”
He noted the halt of flights from China has been announced to the Chinese government.