Wednesday,October 28, 2020
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Gov't to Stand Behind Nation in Enemy-Imposed Economic War: Spokesman

2020-10-02 01:31:52
Iran's government spokesman says the administration will try its utmost to defend the nation’s dignity and identity in the economic war that the enemy has launched against the country.

In comments on Thursday, Ali Rabiei touched upon unfair sanctions imposed on Iran by enemies, saying the Iranian nation will safely weather the current situation. 

“The enemies seek to hatch different plots to sap the spirit of effort and hope in society, but one should have hope about the future to reduce problems and should try hard to make up for shortages,” he said. 

He criticized certain people in the country who have aligned themselves with the enemy and bang the drum of despair and say the government is unaware of the tough condition of people’s lives while the government understands well the hardship and difficulties that people are going through in the current economic situation and is fully aware of them,” he noted. 

Rabiei said creating job opportunities will improve families’ economic conditions. 

He said the greatest suffering of the Iranian society today is the fact that some people have gained windfall profits and got quick rich. 

“They have amassed wealth for themselves without contributing to the income of families,” he said.  

The spokesman said the inauguration of numerous projects in the country has created many jobs for the people.