Saturday,September 19, 2020
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President Hails Global Solidarity with Lebanese after Beirut Blast

2020-08-10 09:24:11
The Iranian president has expressed content with world countries expressing solidarity with people of Lebanon who suffered greatly in a recent massive explosion in Beirut.

President Hassan Rouhani once again expressed deep sorrow on behalf of the Iranian government and people over the Beirut disaster, and said the global solidarity with the Lebanese indicates a sense of conscience and altruism within the human community. 

Rouhani made the comment at a Cabinet meeting where a host of other issues also came up for discussion, including the new trends and emerging risks in the post-coronavirus era, and the necessary decisions were adopted. 

Cabinet members also approved a bill on an amended protocol on an agreement on mutual support and encouragement for investment between Iran and Croatia. 

The Cabinet also gave the go-ahead to an Iran-Kazakhstan agreement on mutual legal assistance with regards to civil affairs. 

A bill was also approved on an agreement between Iran and Ghana on double tax avoidance as well as prevention of tax evasion when it comes to tax on income, capital and interest on capital.