Sunday,September 20, 2020
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Foreign Ministry Condemns US Sanctions on Iranian Officials

2020-05-21 15:33:12
Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman says the latest sanctions imposed by the US against Iranian officials indicate that the previous bans were totally inefficient, so much so that Washington has been forced to expand its sanctions regime to non-economic and non-military bodies.

In a statement on Thursday, Mousavi condemned the new sanctions, and said the US regime’s addiction to imposition of sanctions is indicative of the country’s unlawful and arbitrary behaviours against the integrity of the international law and order.

“The US regime targets the legal bodies and officials of independent governments with its hostile policies,” Mousavi noted.

“The futile, repetitive, and blind sanctions imposed by the US regime against the interior minister, the commander of the Law Enforcement, and other officials of our country indicate the weakness, desperation, and confusion of the US regime,” the spokesman noted.

He said the new sanctions have been imposed based on Washington’s usual delusions, under the influence of ill-informed advisors, and in reaction to the regime’s failures vis-à-vis the strong resolve of the Iranian nation and government.

“The recent sanction is considered another blatant violation of the UN Security Council Resolution 2231 and the US government’s commitments under the international law,” Mousavi said, urging the international community to hold the US accountable for such blatant violations.

“By imposing and implementing such sanctions, the United States has ignored deep-rooted internationally-accepted decency and conventions, and has directly targeted individuals and bodies who are closely intertwined with the order and security of the Iranian nation, and the security of the region in a broader sense,” he concluded.