Sunday,June 07, 2020
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Iran on Verge of Containing Coronavirus: President

2020-05-20 21:45:55
Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has once again hailed the achievements gained in the fight against the coronavirus saying the country is now on the verge of containing the virus.

Rouhani, however, noted that there is a long way ahead to announce the end of this epidemic, warning that people should not be happy with the successes achieved and ignore the importance of this issue.

“People should continue to observe health protocols to help us end this epidemic with the least damage and casualties,” he stressed in a Wednesday cabinet meeting. 

He further underlined that the policy of Iran in combating COVID-19 was not an authoritative quarantine. “We asked the people to support us by choosing a policy and method of voluntary participation, which fortunately yielded good results.”

The Iranian president said the government will keep supporting the people who have suffered economic problems during this period, and will do its best wherever they need more help.

Rouhani stated that the basic goods needed by the people have been fully provided and the necessary purchases have been made, and the people should not have any worries about the basic goods they need this year. 

The president said despite the difficult economic conditions and the spread of the coronavirus the country's non-oil exports were acceptable. “The reopening of borders and trade with other countries is underway, which will lead to an increase in the country's non-oil exports.”