Saturday,June 06, 2020
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Iran Ready for Prisoner Swap with US without Preconditions: Spokesman

2020-05-10 22:46:14
Iran’s government spokesman says the Islamic Republic is ready to exchange more prisoners with the United States without any preconditions.

Ali Rabiei said Sunday that there is a willingness to exchange all prisoners and talk about their release without preconditions, but the US government has so far refused to respond.

“We have information that Iranian citizens in US prisons are not in good conditions and are not well cared for, and this is worrying for us,” noted Rabiei in an interview with Khabar Online. 

However, he added, the United States seems more prepared than ever to end this situation. “That’s why we are not making the final judgment now. We wait for any tangible progress that is being made.” 

He further noted that the US government is aware of Tehran’s readiness and there is no need for the mediation of a third country; however, if the American side agrees, the Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the United States will deliver Tehran’s views on the details, including how and when to do the swap. 

“We are ready to discuss the release of all prisoners. It is the American side that needs to comment on this, and there is evidence of a change in their views.”

He went on to say that Iran hopes in the wake of the outbreak of COVID-19, which threatens the lives of Iranian citizens in US prisons, the US government will eventually give more priority to human life rather than politics.