Saturday,August 15, 2020
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Virtual Tours of Museums to Be Launched for Int’l Visitors: Deputy Minister

2020-04-23 13:23:14
Iran's Deputy Minister of Tourism and Cultural Heritage says the ministry is planning to launch virtual access for international visitors amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Mohammad Hossein Talebian said with the closure or museums due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts has introduced a museum online every day in cooperation with the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology. 


During a press conference at the ministry, Talebian added that an electronic platform has been launched for 100 museums and historical sites, but there are problems in this area. 


“During the Nowruz holidays, short video clips were made of Iran's World Heritage Sites and uploaded on the Internet.” 


Elsewhere in his remarks, Talebian said with the spread of the coronavirus, the world operated as an integrated network in the areas of cultural heritage and environment.  


“The issue of cultural heritage is important, because everyone around the globe has a responsibility regarding it, and the participation of the people is vital to preserve it,” stressed Talebian.