Saturday,June 06, 2020
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US Sanctions Worsening COVID-19 Situation in Iran: Vaezi

2020-04-22 19:19:49
Chief of Staff of the Iranian president says the US sanctions are aggravating the adverse consequences of the coronavirus epidemic in Iran.

​​Mahmoud Vaezi said on Wednesday that the international community should know that the sanctions have made the situation in Iran all the more difficult.

“We, our diplomats, our government and our media should make our voice heard in the world that the US sanctions against Iran are, in fact, contributing to the coronavirus outbreak,” he said.

Indeed, the US sanctions are another virus that Iran is gripped by, the president’s chief of staff added.

“In fact, we are faced with two viruses: One is the coronavirus and the other is the virus of US sanctions imposed on Iran by the American government,” he added.

Vaezi then called for national unity at the current juncture to handle the situation in the best manner possible.

“I think we need unity and solidarity in the country more than ever; all government institutions should work together. The most important thing for which I should thank our dear people is that our fellow countrymen have really cooperated with us over the past two months,” he said.

“In order to eradicate and break the disease transmission chain, we need people’s cooperation more than ever,” he underlined.

Some businesses have resumed activities in order to cushion a further blow to the economy and the affected individuals, Vaezi added, noting that, however, the situation is still far from normal.

“In order to prevent a further harm to our economy and prevent further pressures on workers who are paid on a daily or weekly basis and who need their wages right there and then, we have allowed the low-risk and medium-risk businesses to reopen while abiding by the health protocols. However, that does not mean that the trend of affairs is back to normal in the country and that people can stop observing the health directives,” he said.