Monday,July 13, 2020
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US Not Sincere in Offering Help to Fight Coronavirus: Iran

2020-03-04 11:38:38
Iran’s government spokesman says the United States is not sincere in its offer of help Iran to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

Ali Rabiei slammed Washington’s approach as “hypocritical” as it has imposed sanctions on Iran and at the same time proposed to help the country combat the epidemic. 
“Without a doubt, we will not reject any sincere proposals to join the medical community in order to contain the global threat of the coronavirus,” he said. 
“What we are saying is that the US has not been sincere enough even with regards to this issue. Instead of making statements, or humiliating the Iranian nation, or launching a war of nerves or making any proposals, they had better lift the sanctions,” he noted. 
“We believe that honesty is one of the main requisites when it comes to public health,” he said. 
“When you don’t allow money transfer, that’s hypocritical of you. You should allow money to be transferred, allow our own money to be transferred; so, we have never rejected any offer of help in that regard; if any country comes forward with honesty, we will not turn down their offer,” the spokesman said. 
“We are among the affected countries and we will cooperate with the whole world in order to contain the epidemic,” he added. 
Elsewhere in his remarks, Rabiei underlined that the Iranian government has been giving information to the people in a transparent manner since the disease broke out in the country. 
“From the moment that the first case was confirmed in the country, the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran began disseminating information in that regard transparently and without any reservation,” he said. 
“The coronavirus is undoubtedly the most pressing issue facing the country and, accordingly, the most pressing issue for the government,” he said. 
The spokesman also thanked the general public for their cooperation to help tackle the coronavirus outbreak. 
“To all Iranian people, who are cooperating with each other and trust the government these days more than ever; by God’s grace, we will also overcome the suffering that society is facing today,” he said. 
“With the cooperation of the people, the medical community, the health community and civil organizations, which have become very active these days and I thank them all, and through the cooperation and rapport of the noble Iranian people, we, as the government, try to weather this major misery and further promote public health in the country in the wake of the corona crisis. 
Rabiei noted the government will spare no effort to fight the disease,” he underlined.