Sunday,March 29, 2020
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3 Iranian Cities, 1 Village Listed as Global Hubs of Handicrafts

2020-02-01 12:46:05
Three more Iranian cities as well as a village have been added to the World Crafts Council’s list of cities and villages known for their handicrafts. Now, over a dozen Iranian towns and cities are on the list.

“With the registration of the cities of Shiraz, Zanjan and Malayer as well as Qassemabad village on the world list of cities and villages with handicrafts, the number of Iranian cities, towns and villages registered on the list has risen to 14,” said Iranian Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Ali-Asghar Mounesan.

He further explained why each of the several cities or villages from Iran have been registered on the list.

“Shiraz from Fars province as the world city of handicrafts, Zanjan as the city of filigree work, Malayer from Hamadan province as the universal city of furniture decorated with inlaid woodwork, and Qassemabad village from Gilan province as the global village of chador-shab weaving have been put on the global list of cities and villages known for their handicrafts,” the minister added.

“Based on international statistics, as many as 48 cities and villages around the world have, so far, been registered as the ones known for their handicrafts. Of that number, 40 cities are located in Asia and the Pacific, six in Latin America and two in Europe,” he added.

He said 14 cities and villages from Iran have been registered on the list so far, bringing the country to the top of the list as far as the number of global towns and villages with handicrafts are concerned.